TOP QUALITY DESIGNS, GUARANTEED.   NO shortcuts, NO autodigitizing, NO sending designs overseas to make a quick buck

Even the best embroiderer can't make a poorly-digitized design look good.  I have done nearly 15,000 designs in the last 18 years.   If you want a reputation as a high-quality embroiderer you need a high-quality digitizer.  

pantherSCYou can find digitizing for $1/thousand stitches, and if a generic, flat design, with too many color changes and thread breaks, digitized by one of 20 digitizers running pirated software is what you're looking for, I am not the digitizer for you.    

You will save money in the long run by avoiding ruined garments and having faster run times.   Unlike many "U.S. digitizers" that outsource their designs overseas and then overcharge you for them, every design I receive will be digitized by me personally. I charge by complexity,  not stitch count; so there is nothing to gain by hiding extra stitches by using a shorter stitch length or unnecessary underlay.   My objective is a great running, great looking design.

I believe in quality and customer service, plain and simple.   You will get exactly what you want, when you want it, or its free.


I live in, and work from, Knoxville, Tennessee.   I would never use an automated "point and click" software or outsource to another digitizer.   I speak English and if I'm not in your time zone, I'm close.

Decades of Experience

In 1979, my mother   started a commercial embroidery business and after being frustrated with bad, overpriced digitizing she "recruited" me into digitizing in 1996.   I understand exactly what you're looking for in a digitizer:   designs that look great and run flawlessly, done by a digitizer who knows embroidery and still focuses on customer service.  

Guaranteed Quality

If I can't make you happy, you don't pay.   A lot of thought goes into each design to ensure the highest quality and sewability with a minimum number of stitches.     I go above and beyond to give each design character, while keeping it as close as possible to the original artwork.



I charge by complexity, not stitch count, so there are no unnecessary stitches to add to the cost of digitizing and you'll always have the lowest possible run time on every design, and your quoted price is always guaranteed.  

Fast Turn-Around

I prioritize my schedule based on your deadlines and there will never be a rush fee.   Most designs will be completed within 24 hours.

Great Customer Service

      * FREE minor editing.     No charge for minor editing such as adding color changes or trims, even on designs that were done elsewhere.   Turn-around is within minutes.   My philosophy is that if I can make the changes faster than I can generate an invoice....then its FREE!

      * FREE resizing.     There's no charge for resizing, unless the new size requires major editing, that way I can ensure that the densities are set correctly for the new size.     Turn-around is within minutes.

      * I'm easy to reach.     Call me toll-free, email me, or chat through yahoo IM

      * Flexible billing.     Checks, checks by fax/email, credit or debit cards, and paypal.

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